“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

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Delicious Outrage

My world view alternates between two very distinct yet merged realities – the sparkling psychedelic spiritual reality where nothing is real and the earthly bound plane of worldly pleasures. For myself, the temperament of the pleasure senses is because moderation can aid in staying in it for the long haul. Excess, in my experience has taken a toll on my body. Elements of restraint that are born out of guilt, sin, renunciation or any other religious dogma have no place in my zeitgeist, let me make that clear. My God wants me to experiences her divine form in all it’s various manifestations. As it turns out many of these glories are edible, delectable and delicious! This was a very flowery way of saying how much I love food. I’m an equal opportunity eater while trying my best to remain a conscious one. I’m going to slowly add a food section into this website that contains not just ramblings but also a professional service that I’ll get into later. My passion for edible excellence has led me to traveling the world searching for that elusive taste bud orgasm. Italy, Japan and Spain are to no surprise the top three culinary destinations […]

Recipe of the Week

Zach’s Benedict

Cooking what’s commonly referred to as “brunch” recipes is one of my go-to favorite things to do in the kitchen. I’ve done a ton of experimentation with the Eggs Benedict paradigm. And, in my opinion, it’s a great construct to riff on. There are so many directions that you can go while keeping the basic premise intact. I’ll share some different takes on the dish some other time. Some are pretty wild!

This variation on the classic dish came to me as a result of having people over who had different dietary restrictions. 9 out of 10 times I won’t go out of my way to accommodate the gluten-free crowd but this is an exception. By substituting the English Muffin base with eggplant I not only helped them out but I also came up with a unique twist on the dish that I’ve never seen before.


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