IAH Productions

Welcome to IAH Productions!

The goal of IAH Productions to extend my work into areas that exist outside of myself but feels true to what we’ve created here on the IAH podcast. For years, I’ve been separating my work into different components, categories and compartments. Rather than continuing that separation I feel that the best way moving forward is to unify everything I do into one cohesive philosophical offering that has within it different offerings.

Private Sessions

This first offering is Private Sessions. Many people have been writing me seeking feedback into different areas of their life. It usually falls into two categories: spirituality or psychedelics. My private sessions will be one hour blocks to talk privately (via Skype) on anything you wish to talk about in a format that is productive, structured and hopefully helpful. I am not a certified “Life Coach” or a “Master” at anything. However, I’ve been on the path for awhile, led a life full of wonder and adventure and am happy to shed light in any way that is helpful to others.

One hour is $108

Please note: I will not give any advice on how to succeed at or procure any illegal activity. I can give insight into the process of journeying but that is all

Digital Presence Enhancement

The second element is the extension of my “second life” as a digital netizen. Some may see all this a fancy term for “Digital Marketing.” Yes, it’s that but so much more. By using the term Digital Presence Enhancement means that I’d like to extend my 20 years of digital brand building and technology consulting into your life and/or business. The philosophical premise is to work with you personally to really understand your business by uncovering the potential and deepest meaning of what it is you are trying to bring to the world. Traditionally a marketing agency will uncover your brand attributes and then build a campaign to reach the audience best suited for that. While that is of course effective at times, my idea is to go beyond that by creating a brief that is built around your brands highest ideals and vision.

Actual services are the following ranging from the basics to the sophisticated:

  • website design
  • branding and logo development
  • strategy assessment and positioning
  • CMS communication strategies
  • customer retention
  • social media management and growth
  • expanding business consciousness
  • introducing mindfulness to your business

These are some of the brands I’ve worked on: Apply, U2, Coldplay, Chrysler, Jeep, MasterFoods, Alexso Inc, Dying To Know: Ram Dass and Timothy Leary and so so many more!

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For any inquires please email [email protected] to discuss, learn, brainstorm or talk.

thank you!

Zach Leary