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IAH – Episode 122 – State of the Union with Zach Leary

This episode of the podcast is diving head first into waters that are deep, full of life and completely unexplored within the life of podcast. For this one there is no guest, rather I take an in depth look into two stories that happened within this weeks news cycle. Think of it as my ramshackle attempt at making an episode of an NPR program. It’s called State of the Union with Zach Leary!

Inspiration is born from many corners of my life and like most creative people finding ways to share that inspiration if often a struggle. The guests that I have on this show are the life blood of IAH and I look forward to having many more brilliant souls on the show. However on occasion, I will supplement the normal format of IAH by releasing an under 30 minute op-ed/news/radio style audio discourse on topics that I think are worth discussing.

On this episode we cover the Trump/Putin press conference and it’s wide reaching effects on the global consciousness. After that, we will take a look into the phenomena of Amazon Prime Day.

Please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment on what you think of this one. It’s an entirely new adventure for me and I’m excited about the possibilities. Onward!











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    July 22, 2018 at 5:55 am

    Excellent. Very reflective thought piece on this cray week. I was going to just drop in quickly to hear what this diff style you had was sounding like, but stayed for it all. And your amazon reflections are spot on. Let’s support that small bookstore down the street rather than get that new Michael Pollan book via amazon. Plus amazon has political ramifications. I am seeing a pushback on them on SM. You should do a monthly “State Of the Union”…. if not more often, as issues come up.

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