It’s All Happening Podcast


“It’s All Happening” is a podcast. It’s the brain child of Zach Leary , a reasonably intelligent, strange, wise and funny guy who lives in Los Angeles. Throughout his life, Zach has found himself talking to some of the most amazing people in our culture – so one day he thought…why not make that into a show?

Every week or so he will bring you conversations with the finest residents of the multi-verse. You will hear their take on consciousness, politics, yoga, technology, music, comedy and whatever else seems arrises during the creative chaotic beauty that is the “It’s All Happening” podcast.

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Why start a Podcast?

For me personally, the plane has crashed into the mountain several times in my life forcing me to recalibrate. Each time that’s happened, however, I find myself talking about the lessons learned on the path with some the most amazing and inspiring people around. The realization always comes…how how fulfilling awareness, friendship and laughter can be.

The goal of the podcast is to shed light on topics that with a lens and sensitivity that is unique and special and can’t be found anywhere else.


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Podcasting is also a way for us, as a community, to return to the conversation. For us to take a break from this hyper intense digital plane that is the short attention span theater and return to a long form examination into the issues at hand. It allows for us to slow down and return to a healthy dialogue that combines stories and words to produce results that may surprise and even at times inspire the listener.

I hope you enjoy it. Of course, I welcome suggestions for guests and topics that you’d like to see explored. My world grows only because of you.

The It’s All Happening Episode Guide

Episodes 1-20

Episodes 21-41

Episodes 41-60

Episodes 80-100

Episode 80 – Adrienne Airhart

Episode 81 – Stan Tatkin

Episode 82 – Jai Uttal 

Episode 83 – Chris Ryan, PhD

Episode 84 – Live from MIND/WAVE

Episode 85 – Zoe Kors

Episode 86 – Steve Ross

Episode 87 – Shyamasundar Das

Episode 88 – Duncan Trussell 

Episode 89 – Live from Psychedelic Science ’17

I love you and thank you for listening!