Welcome to IAH – a new podcast

Finally, after months of hemming and hawing we’re pretty psyched to launch our new podcast. So, who is the “our” anyway?

It’s All Happening is the brain child of Zach Leary and Elijah Allan-Blitz – two reasonably intelligent, strange, wise and funny guys who live in Los Angeles. Both Zach and Elijah have found themselves talking to some pretty amazing people throughout their lives and at a retreat in January decided why not bring some of these amazing people to the world via the web.

From Zach, “For me personally, the plane has crashed into the mountain several times in my life. Each time it does however, I  find myself talking about the lessons I’ve learned on the path with some the most amazing and inspiring people I know and then I realize just how lucky I am. Podcasting is a way for us to return to the conversation. For us to take a break from this hyper intense utopian pin ball machine that is our daily life. It allows for us to slow down and return to an actual long form conversation using stories and words that produce results that may surprise and even at times inspire the listener.”

The show is called “It’s All Happening”  and every week or so (sometimes more, sometimes less) we’ll be bringing you conversations with amazing people about consciousness, art, yoga, technology, music, comedy and whatever-the-fuck else seems interesting in the moment.

Stay tuned, sign our mailing list and thank you!

Zach and Elijah

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    Adriana Olvera
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    Thank YOU!

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      Thank you!!!

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