6 rules to make Facebook a better place

6 rules to make Facebook a better place. Brought you to you by me, of course.

1.) Limit Self Promotion – a little is cool but use a FB fan page if all you want to do is promote yourself. Otherwise it degrades the qualitative aspect of Facebook. Ok, we get it. You’re going out on another audition. Awesome.

2.) Reciprocity – like and comment on other peoples stuff too. Just don’t use FB as your own personal megaphone without engaging in the bigger cultural conversation.

3.) Disrupt the algorithm – alter your own “Filter Bubble”. Read up on the “Filter Bubble” for more on this. But you can’t be objective if all you’re doing is engaging with nothing but liberal stuff. Read and befriend some people who are on the other side. This way FB starts showing you content that may not necessarily be relevant to who you are but you’ll probably find VERY interesting.

4.) Enough cute animal pics and videos – we’re done with that. thanks.

5.) Argue (kindly) – I fail at this, I get involved in way too many FB arguments where I end up being rude to someone. My intentions always start off well though! Anyway, get in a healthy debate on FB often and you’ll see how amazing is that so many good ideas and perspectives can come out of this place.

6.) Post cool stuff – what’s cool to you may not be cool to me, obviously. With that said – post videos, stories and ideas that are you find thought provoking and disruptive. Again, cute cat pics don’t count. Be passionate about what interests you – the militant vegans are good at this, so are the far lefties and the far righties.

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    May 13, 2015 at 5:50 am

    Thanks again 🎭

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    May 13, 2015 at 5:50 am

    Thanks for the info. Zach but I don’t use FB I used to use it with the kids but now i’m trying to get my name permanently deleted off there.

    1.) I emailed them and i’m waiting for there response.

    2.) I also contacted how to geek cause it stated that they could remove anything that had my name on a webpage i don’t want on there I don’t even know how it got on there?

    3.) I thought that you were the computer expert that’s part of the reason why i’m emailing you.

    4.) Inprivate is the way to go especially if you have a health issue ya wanna know etc.

    5.) Social networks are good for the kids and adults who wanna hook up with ppl they went to school with but for me those were just wasted years that doesn’t bring back good memories , accept for going to the old drive in theatre’s.

    6.) They don’t have drive in theatre’s in Illinois & Iowa and haven’t since the late 90s.—> I don’t recall this blog stating anything about privacy. – They wanna manage your privacy with your success… right?

    7.) I’d rather learn how to do it myself with help of course , cause some of these webs and blogs are way out of control that’s how my name popped up on webs i never subscribed to? 📱

    Your Pal Aware. 🎭


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    Nobody here
    May 13, 2015 at 5:57 am

    Thanks again that was nice.

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    May 13, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    >>> I feel a lot better about my self Brother O’Leary , accept i’m not
    really into the debating thing.
    I try to look at both sides
    but i think we can all be
    one sided and two
    faced at times.

    >>> I’ve never met anybody who can actually live fully in the moment
    without getting caught. I guess
    you just have to take your
    friends advice by bringing
    it back to the breath…

    >>> It’s easier for some ppl to meditate in the way he might meditate as a
    psychiatrist or a clinical psych.

    >> I think I like Dass’s original mentor’s meditation chants.(Ayatollah Das) The Western Yogi or Bhakti Yogi. but i’m
    not quite for sure yet?

    >>> It sounds like your doing a terrific job Zac , whatever works for you then
    I suggest us keep doing it. I think
    your on the right path an headed
    in the right direction , and i’m
    right behind ya Brother

    >>> I’m not trying to say your a homo or anything like that but i trust that
    your going down the right track
    Zack? Ohhh it’s time to go
    back to work now and ya
    might wanna erace this
    Zack! 🎭

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    Nobody Important
    May 14, 2015 at 1:48 am

    Erase this when your done please.
    I don’t want an entire audience
    snooping at everything we say.
    Don’t you have some kinda
    private email , or do ya like
    everybody knowing what
    everyone’s saying and
    doing? I have to go the
    restroom now my friend.

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