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Private Guided Journeys

Unlocking the pathways to your most authentic self can be tricky. We are filled with programming that’s created obstacles that make us stuck in situations and feelings we just can’t seem to shake. Jobs we hate, relationships that don’t bring us joy, physical states of being that are toxic and an overall world view that doesn’t revolve around happiness – these are all symptoms of “stuckness”.

Working with me in the context of one on one guided psychedelic journeys don’t guarantee that you will break free from all of this paradigms overnight but I do promise that you will be given a perspective shift that will put the ball in your court. Psychedelic windows offer a a glimpse of being truly free to be an integrated part of the universe.

Email me to learn more.

These sessions are:

  • Private and intimate
  • Safe
  • Set and Setting is near ideal
  • Life Enhancing
  • Totally flexible

My decades of psychedelic experience and expertise in traversing this landscape are solid foundations in which you can feel secure in making this healing step!
















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