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IAH – Episode 114 – Duncan Trussell (MAPS Podcast 26)

This episode of the IAH podcast is actually a double dipping orgasmic sonic podcast co-share with the MAPS Podcast (www.maps.opg). The interview with Duncan was so good, of course, that I felt compelled to use it for both shows that I host. What can be said about a talk with Duncan? Not much that hasn’t been said before however, since this episode was recorded for the MAPS show it’s focus is primarily on psychedelics. Duncan is one of the smartest psychonauts in the multi-verse and is no doubt one of the finest representatives for the power and potential of psychedelics. Enjoy!

INTRO RANT – On John Perry Barlow

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by The Timothy Leary Project a new book by Jennifer Ulrich, published by Abrams Books.

Duncan Trussell is a comedian, psychonaut and host of the wildly popular Duncan Trussell Family Hour













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    March 3, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Zach, when Duncan talks about thinking of resisting mortality, afraid of dying, and the fear and paranoia that comes from being terrified of letting go of the body and accepting the fact that you are going to die. Zach, at this point you do a hmmmmmm, but then Duncan talks and you never explain the thought you were having. Can you please?

    Duncan, can you really get a blood test to map your genome to see what psychedelics work best for you?

    I love you both and I’m from East Oregon and driving to Ventura, CA for the 3 day music festival of 20 GRATEFUL DEAD cover bands on 4/6 -8. Do a podcast there! Or could I meet either of you before or after that?

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