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IAH – Episode 66 – Jason Louv (with Ram Dass too!)

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What can we say after what we just witnessed this past week? Few of us have any answers – only outrage. Few of us have any composure – only rage. Few of us have any solutions – only confusion. In the face of such an unexpected landslide where hate and ignorance won knowing what to do next is so hard. Ram Dass beamed into the podcast this week to spread some love, compassion and understanding about what happened. That is followed by Jason Louv who takes us through a history of the alt-right and how we got to this point in our culture. It’s a wonderful history lesson that we should all understand and take part in. Jason is an elegant and brilliant mind who can make sense of some of the most fringe aspects of life.

INTRO RANT – confusion on this Veterans Day and remembering what they fought for.

Jason Louv is: “One of humanity’s best mutant scouts on the frontiers of human experience.” – R. U. Sirius

Jason Louv is the author of Hyperworlds, UnderworldsThe Angelic ReformationMonsanto vs. the World and Queen Valentine, and the editor of Generation HexUltraculture Journal and Thee Psychick Bible.

For the last fifteen years, Jason’s work has explored the outer reaches of human culture and possibility, through both science fiction and journalistic expeditions into some of the world’s strangest belief systems. His work shines with wit, compassion and an immense drive to share his enlightening experiences with his readers.

Ram Dass is one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. He is the very manifestation of love.













Blog - Politics

Seven Things I’ve Recently Learned

Things I’ve recently learned and some that I still don’t understand:

1.) Many of the most passionate Bernie Sanders supporters would now rather listen to Susan Sarandon than Bernie himself (don’t understand)

2.) The alt-left is nearly as dangerous, delusional and as blind as the alt-right in the simple fact that they think Hilary is as bad as Trump.

3.) Again and again I keep seeing people post “I’m going to vote with my heart” – NO!! Please don’t do that. Vote with your brain. Use reason, logic and intelligence and not emotion.

4.) Actual real revolutionary change could happen but Americans don’t want it, they either are too whiny, cynical or ambivalent – 70M people don’t vote. If they did, things would be different (don’t understand)

5.) NLP techniques, even when dumbed down, work – Trump repeats little NLP style nuanced sound bites and peoples eyes light up. “It’s gonna be great!” or “We’re going to make the most terrific health care plan ever!” – positive leaning slogans that have no basis in reality. (don’t understand)

6.) Hillary Clinton has actually never been even been charged for a crime yet she’s had to face dozens of accusations. No one is that slippery – even one would have eventually caught up to her at this point should she be guilty. Where there’s smoke there’s fire sorta thing. Or is she Teflon Hilary?

7.) Smart, well intentioned, liberal people who can’t stomach voting for Hilary Clinton are in fact white, employed and privileged. When this idea was initially put forth (by the Atlantic? I forget the original source article) a few months back I didn’t believe it at first. But now, seeing it in action it’s true. I’m stunned. What they need to remember is that it’s not about them – it’s about the decades (60 years maybe?) of civil rights progress that could potentially be set back should Trump become president.

Other things too: the Russians are playing us like a fiddle, main stream media did this to us, not all Trumpers are racists but those who aren’t don’t mind that the rest are

Note: I originally posted this on Facebook and had a hunch that people would resonate or disagree with it but I did expect there to be so much fiery vitriol to go back and forth in the comments. Some of it, admittedly, by myself, got a little carried away. Simply put – after taking 18 months worth of information from countless sources this is my position. I wanted to post a link to the original FB post below so you can check out the community dialogue should you desire. 

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