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IAH – Episode 123 – Jesse Paris Smith + Rebecca Foon

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The founders and guiding visionaries of Pathway to Paris, Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon sit down for an in depth discussion on climate change and how to inspire change via the power of rock and roll. Our conversation traverses the difficult but perhaps ultimately optimistic way in which we can unite to combat the most pressing issue of our time. Jesse and Becca are extremely powerful activist avatars dancing in the world of art, activism, politics and community. Their foundation, Pathway to Paris, may in fact raise the bar on bringing crucial awareness to this issue while also rocking out!

Pathway to Paris is an initiative in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and that brings together musicians, artists, activists, climate change experts, academics, politicians and innovators to participate in a series of events, dialogues and leading initiatives to help turn the Paris Agreement into reality.

Attend one of their upcoming events in SF or LA in September. Patti Smith, Bob Weir, Flea and Eric Burdon are all a part of it!

Intro Rant – More discussion on climate change through the lens of a TED talk from Nicholas Sparks.

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by The Yoga of Strength, a new book by Andrew Marc Rowe. Pre-order to publish now!











It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 122 – State of the Union with Zach Leary

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This episode of the podcast is diving head first into waters that are deep, full of life and completely unexplored within the life of podcast. For this one there is no guest, rather I take an in depth look into two stories that happened within this weeks news cycle. Think of it as my ramshackle attempt at making an episode of an NPR program. It’s called State of the Union with Zach Leary!

Inspiration is born from many corners of my life and like most creative people finding ways to share that inspiration if often a struggle. The guests that I have on this show are the life blood of IAH and I look forward to having many more brilliant souls on the show. However on occasion, I will supplement the normal format of IAH by releasing an under 30 minute op-ed/news/radio style audio discourse on topics that I think are worth discussing.

On this episode we cover the Trump/Putin press conference and it’s wide reaching effects on the global consciousness. After that, we will take a look into the phenomena of Amazon Prime Day.

Please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment on what you think of this one. It’s an entirely new adventure for me and I’m excited about the possibilities. Onward!











The MAPS Podcast

MAPS Podcast – Episode 30 – LIVE from LAPSS!

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Episode 30 – LIVE from LAPSS: Transcending the Medical Frontiers, Exploring the Future of Psychedelic Drug Research

Making up the panel is David Jay Brown, Daniel Pinchbeck, James Oroc, Ben Stewart and was moderated by Zach Leary.

Taped live at the first ever Los Angeles based psychedelic symposium (LAPSS) the hour long conversation is a lively exploration into what lies beyond the medical applications of psychedelic drugs.

Based on an article written by David Jay Brown the panel itself took on many of the core concepts originally presented in the piece. The science of pleasure, increased creativity, increased problem solving ability, ESP and psychic phenomena are just some of the potential psychedelia applications touched on by these incredible minds.

Tune in to hear this engaging, funny and inspiring conversation that opens up the myriad of possibilities on the psychedelic horizon.


It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 121 – Shane Mauss

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Comedian, psychonaut and star/creator of the new film “Psychonautics”, Shane Mauss drops by the IAH podcast zone to take us on a journey of his life, his comedy and the creation of his new film. The latter is a first hand documentary style account of Shane’s deep dive into the world of psychedelics and their effect not just on him but also on humanity. Our conversation recounts some hilarious moments during the films making and some cautionary tales that are essential for anyone on the psychedelic path. Shane is not just a comedian, he’s a modern day philosopher. His insights shed light on many facets of our culture that are worth exploring and discussing.

INTRO RANT – The retirement of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy

Shane Mauss – Originally from Wisconsin, Shane Mauss caught his first break when he was awarded ‘Best Stand-Up” at The HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in 2007. This led to his TV debut and first of five appearances on Conan. Since that time, he’s been on Jimmy Kimmel, Showtime, Comedy Central ‘Presents’ and ‘This Is Not Happening’. For over a decade he has been headlining shows all over the world.

Shane has also been getting a lot of attention as a popular guest on podcasts such as You Made It Weird, Marc Maron’s WTF, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, The Joe Rogan Experience, Never Not Funny, Bertcast, TOFOP, Crabfeast, and Keith and The Girl. He also travels the country interviewing scientists about the meanings of life for his own podcast ‘Here We Are’ which has a 5 star rating on iTunes.













It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 120 – Michael Pollan (MAPS Podcast #29)

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Episode 29 with Michael Pollan as he discusses his new book ‘How to Change Your Mind – What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence’

Michael beams into the IAH Podcast (Originally for the MAPS Podcast) for an all new episode of the show. His iconic books on the nature and ethics of food have become staples within the zeitgeist of the modern diet and sustainable agriculture. Now, as evidenced in his new book and this podcast, he’s taken on the world of psychedelic science and research with as much insight and objectivity as you would expect from him.

Zach Leary’s conversation with Michael dives into the importance of the research he studied while writing the book, the origins of his interest on the topic and his own personal experiences with psychedelic medicines.

INTRO RANT – the passing of Anthony Bourdain

Michael Pollan – For more than thirty years, Michael Pollan has been writing books and articles about the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in our minds. He is the author of the new book How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence and five New York Times bestsellers.











Blog - Food

Delicious Outrage

My world view alternates between two very distinct yet merged realities – the sparkling psychedelic spiritual reality where nothing is real and the earthly bound plane of worldly pleasures. For myself, the temperament of the pleasure senses is because moderation can aid in staying in it for the long haul. Excess, in my experience has taken a toll on my body. Elements of restraint that are born out of guilt, sin, renunciation or any other religious dogma have no place in my zeitgeist, let me make that clear. My God wants me to experiences her divine form in all it’s various manifestations.

As it turns out many of these glories are edible, delectable and delicious!

This was a very flowery way of saying how much I love food. I’m an equal opportunity eater while trying my best to remain a conscious one. I’m going to slowly add a food section into this website that contains not just ramblings but also a professional service that I’ll get into later.

My passion for edible excellence has led me to traveling the world searching for that elusive taste bud orgasm. Italy, Japan and Spain are to no surprise the top three culinary destinations that I’ve experienced thus far. I’ve yet to go to Vietnam, Greece and Turkey to taste their offerings, that will happen soon.

Somewhere within my path, my love for creativity and social connection led me to venture somewhat intensely in culinary school where I learned to formalize my cooking skills that were originally instilled from my mother.

And now, without any hesitation, my love of food has inspired me to become a consumer possessed at giving feedback if a restaurant or service deserves it. I can’t sit idly by and spend my hard earned money on something that’s advertised as delicious when it’s anything but. I’m constantly amazed at how many good eateries fuck up, phone in and give up on many core dishes that should be extraordinary. It’s as if they rob Peter to pay Paul while leaving John alone to die in the woods. There’s no excuse.

Below is a sampling of my letters of feedback to a few LA institutions that I feel are honest, direct yet respectful. If you love food and eating out as much as I do I encourage you to write your local kitchen if you feel disappointed. You’d be surprised to how many of them listen to you and are so pleased that you’ve taken the time to write them.

Letter to Santa Monica Erewhon:

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 11:25 AM Zach Leary <> wrote:
Hey guys,

Not sure why the breakfast burritos at the new Santa Monica location don’t follow the recipe from the Venice location.

It would be fine if you were trying something else out and wanted to experiment, if you wanted to make it better perhaps.

But you haven’t. It’s not that good.

The Venice breakfast burrito is extraordinary – it’s one of the best in LA. The hash browns, steak, sauce, etc…make up something worth traveling for. Why did you half ass the Santa Monica version?

If each store is autonomous, I get it. However something tells me that’s not the case.

Can you please fix this tremendous oversight?

With love,

-zl sent from the singularity

Zach Leary

The Erewhon Response:

Thanks for writing.  We will have it right within a day or two.  If you don’t mind following up once you try it again.

Same ownership all stores.


Tony Antoci
Erewhon Markets
7660 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA.  90036

Letter from QuickSand (West LA) in response to my query on their lack of creative execution:

On April 12, 2018 Jeffrey Stupler wrote:

Hi Zach,

First of all, thank you. Your email made my day. I appreciate your feedback, and you are absolutely correct on both points:

Wolf & Crow legitimized the sandwich shop big time and they’re approach needs to be replicated everywhere.

Bay Cities still has a monopoly which is amazing considering the talent in this town. Gotta give them credit though!! They’re a money machine.

As for us, sadly, we’ve been so busy running a restaurant, our creativity has taken a back seat lately. The good news is, we will be shaking things up shortly as we open up our second location on Washington Blvd. in Culver City. The menu over there will be slightly different which will give us the canvas to create (or re-create) more adventurous sandwiches!

If you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list, since we will be blasting out our opening details in early May.

Thanks again for your kind words,


Letter to Sweet Rose Creamery (with reply), one of many:

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 4:42 PM, “Zach Leary” <> wrote:

Sweet Rose friends – your recent Chef Picks are simply too exaggerated. They are autumnal to a fault. Every single flavor is like some holiday pie made into an ice cream. You don’t need Spiced Pumpkin and Cinnamon and Apple Pie. It’s redundant and boring. One of those is enough to satisfy your endless quest to represent some sort of seasonal satisfaction. This is LA, this isn’t Vermont. It’s like one big spiced fest.

It’s ok to riff on chocolate, malt, cookies, berries and perhaps even a nut butter of some kind or dare I say lavender, all year round. There is but one chocolate flavor on the entire menu? That is no way to grow an Ice Cream empire! I look to you to blow my palette away as you have done for years now!

Seriously – enough. You’re losing your way and it’s not ok. I can not continue to spent $100 a month at your shop under these conditions!! Please get a grip and get the Chefs Picks back in order – The Earl Grey and Malted Milk flavors would suffice while one of those awful spiced flavors goes away.

Thank you and good day.

The Sweet Rose Response:

Hi Zach,

Thanks for your feedback – I’m sorry to hear you are not pleased with our recent flavors! We do our best to incorporate seasonality as you know as well as change things up to appeal to all different tastes. I’ll definitely pass your feedback along to our chef and team. Please do check back with us in December when we’ll have another batch of flavors coming out! We really appreciate our loyal customers and hope to be able to offer something pleasing to each of you.

All my best,

It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 119 – Lama Tsultrim Allione

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The It’s All Happening Podcast continues it’s exploration into the spiritual path with yet another wise, intuitive and iconic spiritual master. Lama Tsultrim Allione joins the podcast to share her journey into her lifelong immersion as a trail blazing woman deep in the heart of Buddhism and to discuss her amazing new book Wisdom Rising: Journey Into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine.

Tsultrim’s masterful new book teaches you how to embody the enlightened, fierce power of the sacred feminine—the tantric dakinis. Our conversation breaks down the different archetypes of the divine feminine found in the tantric Buddhist teachings and why it’s as important as ever to embody them for life in the modern Western world. This knowledge and the subsequent practice radiates for women but is also applicable for men and their search for a more balanced life.

INTRO RANT – How we spend our time and it’s effect on emotional intelligence

Lama Tsultrim Allione, author and international teacher, is the founder and spiritual director of Tara Mandala. In 2009, Lama Tsultrim was selected by an esteemed committee of Buddhist scholars and practitioners to receive the International Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award given in Bangkok, Thailand.

To read here full bio please click here











It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 118 – Deepak Chopra

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This episode of the podcast features the practical and poetic wisdom from the one and only legendary Deepak Chopra! What an honor and thrill it was to sit down with Deepak to do a podcast that surfed many planes of consciousness, mysticism and science. Our conversation dealt primarily with the success of the scientific revolution over the course of the last 300 years and how that turned humanity away from it’s mystic roots and quest for spiritual understanding. Deepak provides a roadmap on how to cultivate the spiritual heart while not turning ones back on science and logic. Sit back and settle into a download from one of the great icons of the modern spiritual movement.

INTRO RANT – The American Spiritual Experience as seen through “Wild Wild Country” and “Come Sunday”

Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, Founder of The Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Chopra has authored more than 80 books, published in more than 43 languages, including 22 New York Times best sellers. Two of his books, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (1993) and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1995) have been recognized on The Books of The Century Bestsellers List. For the last three years, recognizes Dr. Chopra as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness “.  The World Post and The Huffington Post global internet survey ranked him #17 influential thinker in the world and #1 in Medicine Fitness. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century”.