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IAH – Episode 111 – Amanda Yates Garcia

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The first episode of 2018 whirls in with pagan wisdom and Goddess power of Amanda Yates Garcia otherwise known as “The Oracle of Los Angeles.” Amanda is a witch by birth, profession and soul. She’s out to bring light, healing and knowledge to all those that seek her expertise. We did this podcast in person at the kitchen table and I’ll confirm that her force field is powerful, seductive and extremely thought provoking. Our conversation dove into many mystical nooks and crannies surrounding the world today coupled with practical witchy suggestions for applying magic into ones own life. Amanda’s perspective into how society and consciousness fuse together with the elements of the physical world is truly remarkable. I learned so much from this one, there must be a part 2 someday. If you’re at all curious about how a modern day witch operates and thrives in today’s world look no further.

INTRO RANT – New Year, New Everything

Amanda Yates Garcia – Growing up in a pagan household my magical education started young; I learned to read the tarot and made my own set of runes before I entered my teens; my great grandmother read palms and tea leaves, and I share the same family tree as Edgar Cayce.

Today I draw from a broad range of esoteric strategies including the Western Mystery Traditions of tarot, alchemy and Hermeticism; shamanic healing practices; positive magic and witchcraft; herbalism; energy work (Reiki, tantra and other yogas); psychomagic and more.

Throughout my years as a magical practitioner, I’ve given countless tarot readings; spent months at Zen monasteries; given lectures on Witchcraft at ESMOA, UC Irvine, Cal State Pomona and UCLA; received my Reiki Master initiation from Tibetan monk Tenzin Lama Sherpa; studied Holotropic Breathwork with Michael Stone and have received a certification in breathwork by David Elliott; and trained in shamanic healing techniques with Amanda Foulger of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I also have a BFA in Dance Theatre from University College of London, and an MFA in Writing/Critical Theory and Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts.













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  • Reply
    January 6, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    If the earth was created for humans, and only exists for humans in this isolated dimension, then it’s proper to celebrate around times of harvest, or the sustainability of our bodies. Also, I agree with you Mrs Garcia, why do we raise our children to believe in flying reindeer landing on the rooftops in a Los Angeles suburb on Dec. 25th?

  • Reply
    Iain Spence
    January 7, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    I’d say most neo-pagans might suggest the earth was created for all living creatures…including the flying reindeer ; )

    This was one of my favourite episodes so far: it’s great when 2 people complement each other in this relaxed manner. The binding of The Donald was especially weird and funny. And I liked the reference to the ego/sol being engulfed by the dark at night. The tadpole haiku…must dig out my old Way of Zen, so many lovely poems at the back of the book.

    Please do ask Ms Garcia back for the next solstice to share her book with us, her melodic voice reminds me of some old Orbital track, Fluffy Little Clouds…?

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