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Excerpt 1: Who Are You Now?

The following is the first of many excerpts from my upcoming book “Who Are You Now? – The fusion of technology, spirituality and the battle for our own identity”


Additionally it’s worth noting that parts of this book’s inspiration comes from other experiences that I’ve had in life. I’ve had success in business, failure in business, drug addiction, recovery and ultimately a peace and connection with something greater than myself that I’d like to share with others. No, this does not mean that I’m some new age spiritual zealot set on proselytizing the notion that I’ve discovered God Head and so should you! But, I will say with conviction that a key ingredient into the survival of our species is the inclusion of some form of spiritual awareness into ones daily life. It is essential and must be sought after by even the most resistant among us. Until we start having a truly deep meaningful and compassionate outlook towards our fellow man, peace and stability will be impossible. Policy and economic reform won’t get us there alone – the heart needs to be at the forefront of all our decisions.

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    Mike Daniels
    January 15, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    What a nice read!
    I can personally relate to everything written. especially on business success /business failure, spiritual health and drug addiction. I can see your light shine indeed!
    Shine on my brother!
    -Mike Daniels

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