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October 2016

It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 64 – Juan Ruiz Naupari

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This week the transcendental divinity in the form of Juan Ruiz Naupari stopped by the kitchen table to take the IAH podcast on a new journey. He was joined by his translator Eric Baumgartner who beautifully weaved together the language barrier in what proved to be an amazing journey through practical spirituality, discovering ones own true nature, the roots of conflict and suffering and the role consciousness plays in our daily life. At first I was resistant to the idea of doing a foreign language podcast but thank you to my dear brother David Watts, who brought Juan to me, I was able to let go of that and settle into something new and worthwhile for both myself and the show. Juan is truly a potent being that is clearly on the path of something amazing. Being around him immediately makes you relax, open and tune into his frequency. I hope some of this joy is experienced in the audio you’re about to experience.

INTRO RANT – The need to shorten the election season from here on out. This can be done through legislation.

Juan Ruiz Naupari is the creator of Pneuma System, a new Transpersonal perspective based in the comparative study of the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet. This system of self-knowledge, includes Pneuma Breathwork, a powerful, safe and simple practice which opens the way to Amplified States of Consciousness.

For more than thirty years he has studied transpersonal states and their application within both a therapeutic and human developmental context through imparting seminars and supporting the inner process of his students across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Currently, he dedicates more than 500 hours a year to giving workshops, seminars and conferences internationally. Among the topics he investigates, the following stand out: Alchemy and Sexuality, The Vedas, elements of Egyptian religion, Greek philosophy, the Gnostic manuscripts of Nag Hammadi, and the history and philosophy of the first Christian Masters.













Blog - Politics

Congrats to the Cubs – But It’s Time to Reset the MLB

So happy for the Chicago Cubs. Clearly they were the much better team and they deserved to win. It’s time for them break this drought. The country is cheering for you – Go Cubs!

Every year when the Dodgers collapse in the post season I always take a look at the salary table and contemplate the concept of how “dead money” works in the MLB. And this year more than ever I think that the Major League Players Association (the union) stranglehold on the flow of the 32 MLB teams money has got to come to an end. The players union is closer to an organized crime racket than any other union in America, even more than the Teamsters and that’s saying a lot.

Yes, it’s great that most players come up through the ranks and have to play at a high level for a few seasons to finally reach arbitration and then get big contracts – that’s a great thing within MLB – for instance, Corey Seager who was one of the Dodgers core stars this year got paid $510,000 – that’s it. But the fairness and work ethic structure ends there.

The Dodgers had more than $70 million spent this year on players on the DL or in retained salaries (released or traded.) What other industry allows this to happen? For instance, if you suck at your job (Carl Crawford) and then get FIRED and no other team wants your services, why should you get paid 100% of your salary ($21M)? This makes no sense. Literally it makes no sense – again, no other industry would allow such a scandal to occur (except for top tier CEO compensation packages.)

The 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers Payroll – Active Players, DL and Dead Money

It’s almost impossible to fix because the moment the owners or the league take steps to address this there would be a strike and an immediate walk out from the players. I think many of the players are whiny and unfair – sorry, but it’s true. Yes, we come to see them and not the owners but still, be reasonable.

I don’t care if it’s popular amongst players or not but I propose the following three conceptual changes and rules:

1.) If a player has an injury that is season ending they get no more than 50% of their salary (tough break, but that’s life)
2.) If a player is released due to poor performance, and no other team picks them up, they get no more than 25% of their salary (The Carl Crawford example)
3.) Once an MLB player get to Arbitration 3 (when big money starts to be on the table) all contracts should be incentive based – like Kenta Maeda’s this year – a solid base of $1M then layers upon layers on incentives (his reached over $13M this year which is more than fair and equitable) – that way there is more incentive for millionaire players to play their ass off. Let’s face it the hunger for a World Series ring just isn’t enough for 21st Century baseball players to play hard. It can’t be proven but I’m willing to say it’s a near certainty than when the majority of MLB players becomes millionaires that they loose a little bit of passion and hunger for winning.

Those three issues alone would completely change the dynamic of baseball and I think create a more competitive atmosphere by allowing teams to have more freedom to adapt when things don’t work out during the season.

It’s worth noting that I think this potential extra money that teams could have would NOT entirely go into owners pockets or profit pools but rather go into the general operating fund for flexibility. Sure, some could go to profit pools because I’m happy to say that I don’t think that Jason Schmidt (a few years back for the Dodgers) should have walked away with $40 million bucks for pitching 10 games. It’s robbery. Literally, free money. Why should he get than more than the owners for doing nothing for the team?

It’s complicated and controversial because we love the players and not the front office, sure. But the NBA and NFL both have structures that aren’t as rigid as the MLB – how the MLB got to this point is a long and windy history lesson. It’s bullshit and needs to end now.

It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 63 – Leah Pearlman

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Leah Pearlman joins the IAH podcast to share the story of her life’s journey which is truly worth taking note of. It’s one of those stories that you perhaps hear a little something about but then forget to follow up on how it turned out. A bright, creative young woman leaves a dream job as an early employee at Facebook to set out on a spiritual journey that was inspired by death, addiction, Burning Man, self love and an overall desire to share the path of the heart with everyone! The manifestation of her journey and intention took form in the wonderfully profound and simple – talking to Leah about this, her journey and all it’s twists and turns inspired me and forced me to step back and take a look at my own journey. I hope everyone who listens to this finds something here that will inspire a little time to reflect and admire your own brilliance and to possibly make changes where possible. Leah is a wonderful shining light.

INTRO RANT – A look at the prospect that we are living in a simulation and why so many Silicon Valley minds find the “simulation hypothesis” a real thing. Check out The Guardian article here

Leah Pearlman drew her first comic in 2010 when her dad’s cancer went into remission. She drew a comic announcing the good news and posted it on Facebook.

A week later, after encouraging a friend to “follow his heart,” an image of someone literally following his heart popped into her mind. She laughed, and then put it on paper.

And so it goes. About once a week, ever since, she’s been moved by something or someone in her life. She illustrates the moment to celebrate it and the person who inspired her and posts the image online for anyone else it may touch. People often reflect that Dharma Comics have a deeply personal feel; that is because each one is deeply personal. They all have a story.

“Dharma” is a Sanskrit word, often used in Buddhism to refer to the teachings that offer us guidance in life. Dharma can also refer to one’s own purpose or path. Your “Dharma” is what you are meant to do.  Leah often says the name is twofold: Dharma Comics are comics about Dharma, but they have also proven to be her dharma, what she is meant to do.









It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 62 – Trevor Hall

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Trevor stopped by the kitchen table for this truly inspiring episode of IAH. Trevor’s gift to the world is his song but what transpires through his music, being and soul is so much more. Like so many of the great artists who came before him, Trevor is thoughtful, smart, intuitive, aware and you get the feeling when talking to him that he’s seeing the world in the way that others are not. Our conversation ranged from his early days and upbringing, spirituality in life and music, why love really does heal all wounds and the quest to constantly explore and be a seeker. I’m somewhat of a late convert to Trevor’s music and am so grateful that I get to discover this well of brilliance at this point in life.

INTRO RANT – When did anti-intellcualism and the celebration of ignorance become the norm?


As an eleven year old, playing harmonica beside his father in South Carolina, music quickly became Trevor’s most intimate companion, guide and creative outlet. In his elementary years, he began to write his own songs and perform them locally. At sixteen he recorded his first record, and the following year he left South Carolina to study classical guitar at Idyllwild Arts Academy, an international boarding school east of Los Angeles. There, Trevor was introduced to yoga and certain spiritual practices found in India, which greatly influenced his music and his life journey. During his senior year, Trevor signed a record deal with Geffen Records and his career as a musician formally began.

Trevor quickly broke through the music scene, with such early accomplishments in his career as having a song recorded on the Shrek the Third soundtrack, as well as joining a series of sold-out tours with artists such as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Matisyahu, Michael Franti, SOJA, Brett Dennen and Colbie Callait. Trevor’s quick rise on the scene, however, was ripe with challenges that conflicted with his spiritual life and devotional practice. In order to parallel his life’s path with the messages in his music, Trevor moved into a traditional Hindu ashram in Southern California in 2008. When not on tour, he lived as a monk and devoted his days to spiritual practice and service. His involvement with the temple affected his music and his music quickly became his practice.














Blog - God Kirtan Me

Starting Next Week: Hanuman Chalisa Workshop

Please join me every Wed evening in October starting this Wednesday October 5th at Bhakti Yoga Shala. 



WHEN: October 5, 12, 19, 26 at 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm each Wednesday.

Facebook Event Page: click here

Cost: Suggested donation is $20 per class

Please join me as we uncover the magic, practice and power of the Hanuman Chalisa.

– Four Week Course
– Integrated Practice
– In Depth Study
– Philosophy and Music

This is for the student and spiritual aspirant who looks to go deeper into their personal bhakti yoga practice by incorporating the chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa into their daily practice.

Over the course of four weeks we will break down the Hanuman Chalisa by focussing on 10 verses per week – 40 in total plus the intro and outro (Doha)

We will learn and study the chant over one melody – the “Good Ol’ Chalisa by Krishna Das” (as heard on Live on Earth) in order to give every student an accessible melody that can actually be learned and played, even by a beginer musician.

In addition we will discuss the philosophy and meaning of this magical Hindi chant written by Tulsi Das and why it’s relevant even today.

What’s suggested:
– bring a harmonium (not mandatory)
– a basic understanding of kirtan
– a basic understanding of the Hanuman Chalisa
– attending all four classes

What’s provided:
– transliteration
– chord charts
– download for KDs “Good Ol’ Chalisa”
– philosophy and discourse
– one on one instruction

People don’t know – every line of the Hanuman Chalisa is maha-mantra – Neem Karoli Baba