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IAH – Episode 49 – 21st Century Value and Institutional Racism

This is a new type of episode of the It’s All Happening podcast, no guests here – just me. Now and then I’m going to bring you more in depth thoughts around specific issues that I’ve blogged on, touched upon in podcasts/talks or that have come up in and around my day to day life.

These episodes will take on two or more issues with each one being it’s own self-contained segment. Please note that these episodes will be short – they will be anywhere from 20-40 minutes in length. So think of these as verbal blog posts or more structured podcast intro segments. I hope you enjoy it.

This episode focusses on two issues:

1.) Creating Value in the 21st Century – digging into new systems that can define value beyond antiquarian methods like the GDP

2.) Institutionalized racism – I’m no race relations expert or even a community leader but I did want to share my view of Institutional Racism from the lens of growing up an Angeleno in the 1980’s and 90s.











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